The War
I see the torches coming down the valley.
I wander what kind of change will come.
I know the reason and I want to shout it,
but afraid on me that they will turn their guns.

So I just run.

I feel the horses riding. I fear the men in sight and
don’t know what world is breaking in.
I see a light on and I trip into the water,
afraid that my time has come.

The current takes me down.

When I was a child she would hold me.
If I did wrong she would not scold me.
She taught me never to worry.

I hear the voices calling. Lightning and thunder rolling.
I can feel the bottom of my tongue.
Ripples on the banks are pulling, up onto the shores I’m crawling.
I can see the grass is turning red.
And now the dawn is breaking, all of the lives they’ve taken.
Covered up in mud and wearing thin.

The fire just echos in my head.

Out in the cold I feel the fog.
Slip into a dream and the wind reveals.
The war has come to an end.