Don't Need to Sing the Blues
I'm just a man of simple means
I love my woman, I have my dreams
but there are times, when things ain't as Rosy as they seem.

Hard times come, Storm winds blow
She gives me comfort and lets me know
that we'll get through, just like we've always done before

Ref: My baby loves me like there's no tomorrow everyday
When I'm down she picks me up in her own special way
The sweetest thing about that gal is one thing I don't do
As long as she's my baby, I don't need to sing the blues

I wrecked my truck and broke my leg
If I don't work, I don't get paid
She says hold on Honey, We've seen this kind of strife before

The truck note's late, the mortgage too
that man who hit me, he wants to sue
she says we'll get by somehow, just you wait and see!