Right In Front Of You
For so long I've been your buddy
For so long I've been your friend
It's my shoulder you cry on
Time and time again
We look into each others eyes
So much is being said
Not one word is spoken
Like we're in each others head
Every time love hurts you
I'm the one who pulls you through
Why can't you understand baby?
I'm the one who really loves you

Your life is your garden
Your thoughts are your seeds
You can grow Beautiful flowers
Or spend your life pulling weeds
Think about it baby
You're the one, it's all in your hands
We know something is going on
We both should understand
When you need someone to listen
My ears are yours to bend
I lift you up when you’re let down
What message does that send?
You say you want to find a man
To treat you like I do
Wake up and smell the coffee
I'm right in front of you