Black Bottom
Born in Millen, nineteen forty six
46 miles from Augusta, out in the Georgia sticks
When I was a young boy Daddy worked on the railroad
Mama sang in church, wearing a choir robe
Far back as I remember I could carry a tune
Singing with my mama Rock of Ages filled the room

Cross the tracks in Black Bottom that was our side of town
Four room shack a tin top roof, pumpin’ that gospel sound
I’m still that kid from Black Bottom
Look what I’m puttin’ down

Walkin’ down the dirt road fetchin’ greens and grits for mom
Old man Evans played his guitar, I’d sing along
Old man Evans played no gospel, just the blues low down
I never told my mama what I was doing in town

Brother Henry’s radio, tuned to WLAC
Late at night I heard the blues comin’ through the wall at me
Lloyd Price, Little Richard their voices filled my head
I was only 12 years old lyin’ in my bed


I was 17 years old when Big O came along
Said come drive my Cadillac, sing a couple songs
Watching from backstage, I learned to front a band
Sittin’ right here by the dock of the bay, I’ll give the man a hand

Here I am with AP’s band singin’ a song for you
Playin’ blues with a whole lotta soul a funky tune or two
Spreading the message of peace and love all around the globe
No matter where I find myself, I remember mama’s choir robe