Lipstick on my Teeth
Lipstick on my Teeth

I changed a light bulb and another blew that day
I washed my car and then the weather turned to rain
I bought a magazine and left it on the train
My mobile phone bill was too much for me to pay
I tried to make a sandwich but I ran right out of bread
My cat went crazy and he chewed my shoe to shreds
I jogged around the track and then I ate some chocolate cake
I lent my favourite book to someone never got it back
I spilled my cup of coffee over my PC
I never even noticed I had lipstick on my teeth

I set my DVD recorder but I got it wrong
I weighed myself and saw I’d put on seven pounds
I came home from a holiday feels like I never went
I was at work and someone took my favourite pen
I tried to drink my milkshake but it spilled onto my lap
I spent five hours weeding but the weeds just grew right back
I dropped my iPod and it will not play for me
I lost my sunglasses when I was at the sea
I tried to use my Mastercard but it expired last week
I never even realised I had lipstick on my teeth

I found the greatest parking space then locked my car keys in
I practised my guitar and broke my second string
I cut my hair and now my fringe is much too short
I hung a picture and it fell right off the wall
I wore my new dress and the hem has fallen down
I lost my earring somewhere on my way to town
I couldn’t find the friend of mine I was supposed to meet
I had to buy some bandaids for the blisters on my feet
I’m angry with graffiti that is up and down my street
And no-one even told me I had lipstick on my teeth

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