Dreams and Nightmares
Dreams and Nightmares

I have this dream where I’m riding in my car
Sometimes there’s someone next to me sometimes I’m on my own
I don’t know where we’re going but it doesn’t really matter cause we’re
speeding with a passion and we’re laughing out aloud

I drive up to a great big hill and reach the very top, we
descend and as we gather speed I don’t know how to stop
I look beside me at the person next to me, I try to warn him but my voice is just too
scared to make a sound

My body’s far behind me but my head is in my hands I can’t
control the situation … That I understand

I have this nightmare that I’m learning how to fly the pilot
puts me in his cockpit and he takes me very high
The sun is very piercing and I have to close my eyes and when I
open them the pilot’s gone he did not say goodbye

Suddenly the plane is not an airplane any more it’s turned
into a yellow school bus and we’re jumping out the door
There isn’t any parachute and fear is in my heart
The earth is rushing fast towards me and I’m screaming out

When I finish dreaming I awake and see the time it’s always
on a Monday morning that I sleep through my alarm
I’m running for the train I see it coming down the line, but for
every step I’m taking I am falling far behind

After many hours I reach the station but the ticket I am
holding is too old and it won’t let me through the door
I’m crying with frustration running through my head just then it
hits me with a panic and I find I’m still in bed