Passing By
Collect the feathers falling on my doorstep
The birds remind me with their blackened rain
I keep them in a wooden box
Next to a card that you once gave me
In the days when everything began to change

Now I’m drinking beers with Jimmy
I know that this will kill me
I do not believe I ever was alive
Just passing by

It’ll all work out you told me
In my heart I bear reminders
That dreams require years of follow through
So with fingers crossed I set out
On my path, and never knowing
That the songs that I had written would come true

But I had to put some miles
Between myself and my own heart
Nearly died and realized I’m not alive
Just passing by

Ain’t it funny looking back
The nicest thing you ever bought me
Was a suitcase built to last so I could go
So I filled it full of all the ****
That never meant a thing
And thought of looking back one time when I left home

There’s no ocean big enough
To hold the pain in my own heart
No flickering flame here to remind me I’m alive

Just passing by