Steve Hess & Southern Salvation - "Three Beating Hearts" (3:51)
"Three Beating Hearts" - Steve Hess & Southern Salvation (3:51)
(Dan Anderson, Steve Hess, John Mathis Jr. - Lizzy Dog Publishing/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI)

The brand new radio single from Steve Hess & Southern Salvation is part of a message supporting "life" that has been launched by The Ark Counter / Creation Museum (Ken Ham). The song gives a voice to the unborn with the powerful line in the bridge that says, "I want to live!". "This is my new favorite song--it’s powerful." - Ken Ham. Please share the lyric video, found here at Ken Ham's public facebook page: "Three Beating Hearts"

 (Radio promotion is being organized by Matthew Browder.)

Release Title: "Three Beating Hearts" -Steve Hess & Southern Salvation
Writers: Dan Anderson, Steve Hess, John Mathis Jr.
Publishing: Lizzie Dog Publishing/BMI, Avid Group Publishing/BMI
Project Title: Radio Single
Record Label: Mansion Entertainment, distributed by The Orchard (a division of Sony Music)
Time: 3:51
ISRC #: UST6V1900044