Won't Ever Be The Same - Pardoned (3:12)
Radio Formats: Christian Country, Southern Gospel

Artist Information: Pardoned's debut Mansion release, "When My Eyes See", was well received and hit several charts. Their new release is coming out strong with a more Country sound to it, "Won't Ever Be The Same". Both Christian Country and Southern Gospel listeners will love the message. Written by group member, and Police Officer, Rusty Rowan. Thank you Rusty for the work you do protecting and serving your community and the work you do sharing the Gospel in song.

Release Title: "Won't Ever Be The Same" - Pardoned

Writer: Rusty Rowan

Publishing: Rusty Rowan/BMI

Project Title: Stirred Not Shaken

Record Label: Mansion Entertainment

Time: 3:12

ISRC #: UST6V1900028

For more information about Pardoned visit: Facebook.com/PardonedUSA