Through The Years - Steve Hess & Southern Salvation (4:21)
Radio Formats: Southern Gospel

Information: The latest single from Steve Hess & Southern Salvation, was actually written by Steve's father many years ago. Fred Hess has had his songs recorded by The Oak Ridge Boys and many others over the years. SHSS are fast becoming fan favorites of visitors at the Creation Museum and Noah's Ark Exhibit in Kentucky, as they continue to travel and tour around the country. Their new release, 'Through The Years", is from the project, "Carry The Message".

Release Title: "Through The Years" -Steve Hess & Southern Salvation

Writer: Fred Hess

Publishing: Lizzie Dog Publishing/BMI

Project Title: 'Carry The Message'

Record Label: Mansion Entertainment, distributed by The Orchard (a division of Sony Music)

Time: 4:21

ISRC #: UST6V1900021

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