Life Goes On
Look at life, at seventeen
Too young to know what it means
All the world calling out to you by name
You will never be the same
Life is grand at seventeen
But, you feel so in between
Not quite grown up but no longer a child
Your young heart is running wild
At seventeen, and life goes on

Then one day you're twenty two
Your whole life in front of you
Leaving home, feeling so afraid
But you won't always feel this way
You're scared to death at twenty two
Out on your own, now what to do
Get a job, buy a house, take a wife
So unprepared for this life
At twenty two, And life goes on

Now you just turned forty five
You never felt so alive
Raised a family, two chilren of your own
And now that both of them are grown

Life's too short, at forty five
So many things you never tried
That new Corvette, she's out your name
Your wife and kids think you're insane
At forty five, and life goes on

Before you know it, you're eighty three
Life used to be so carefree
Now you've come to the twilight of your years
Looking back, you shed a tear
Everything aches, at eighty three
You can't hear, you can barely see
Soon Old St. Peter will call out to you by name
You've lived a good life, no shame
At eighty three

And life goes on
Just like that old song
Life goes on
Life goes on