Look At You
I look in and I see your eyes lookin' out at me
I see sun and I see moon and deep blue sea
I can almost feel it, like an old love song
Oh look at you, look at me

In my mind I can feel the chill of forgotten dreams
But they're gone I can't bring them back or so it seems
Like a lonely highway, one way to nowhere
Living in the past will take you there

But I've found a ray of hope with your hand in mine
In your love I find my song and you make it rhyme
I can feel your love as I drink your wine
Oh Darlin'it feels so fine

I reach out, you take my hand and you walk with me
In the light shining from your love I can truly see
And i know I can feel it and I know it's your love song to me
Oh look at you, loving me