Im Down Down Down
On this "I'm Down, Down, Down" down and out Blues instrumental I sound out with my guitar just exactly how my soul and heart are feeling.

I know not why a person gets these down and out moods but, I do know, it's, Da' Blues!

Maria Daines Said: "A down down down song that makes you feel so good!! I wonder why that is!! Yes it really is cool with some great touches all over, ripples along under its own glorious essence and the sound is vibrant & pure. Ace playing & a great listen".

Cliff Houck Said: How Sweet it is! Every time I think I've heard your best, you come up with something even better! Very nice, Doc! Lovin' the "Blues Groove" & the licks from the soul. Man, I can't stand it, I gotta' pick up my ax and jam along! Thanx for sharin', Doc, Great tune, Your Blues Bud, Dawg