Freddies Blues
"Freddie's Blues" was written by Freddie Thomas and I (Doc Quinn) back in 1973. Freddie and I played the wheels off of this tune for several years but, here it is at its best. Recorded by Doc and the rest of the Blues AllStars - The Nashville Sessions in Sept. of 2002 at the Kitty Wells Museum and Studio (Junction Recording Studio) Nashville, TN.

I am kicking this tune off playing rhythm on my Fender Strat guitar. Bob Huston is playing second rhythm guitar and Bill House lays the bass guitar in there with us. tj Gere added the backup keys while Mike "Ironman" Curtis blessed the tune with his killer harmonica. The guitar lead (as if you couldn't tell) was so nicely played by the one and only Matt Thorpe. It took this tune 29 years from it's birth to make it into the studio. Sound Tech. Jasper Mills. Expertly produced by Matt Thorpe.

The rest of the Blues AllStars (The Nashville Session) that were in attendence and on several of the other jams that were recorded during the session are, Kevin Paul (Stik), Scott Durflinger, Paul Cummins, Larry MeGill. This recording of Freddie's Blues is the best recording you will ever hear this classy blues instrumental played and by none less than some of the best bluesmen that ever walked the face of our earth.

Thank you my blues brothers and dear friends! Compo 10 Winner for week 139 - Compo 10