Making Hay (latest single!)
Making Hay
Mike Mitchell/Dawn Kenney

Sometimes you’re second guessing, sometimes you just know
But with us there ain’t a question, my heart done told me so
From that simple seed of friendship, we made this love grow
Tended with your sweet affection, it's coming up in rows

(Making Hay)
I’m making hay while the sun does shine (Since you said)
Since you said that you’d be mine (BVX Ooo, Ooo, Ooo, Ooo)
Good work if you can get it,
And I’m workin overtime
Making Hay
(BVX Hay)
While the sun does shine

I sowed my wild oats, it's true
Back in my younger days...
But putting down these roots with you, has changed those wild ways
Now I’m up before the rooster, Got a job to do
Seven days a week my dear when it comes to loving you...


I’m gonna do what needs doin'
When the sky above is blue
All through the day, into the night
'neath the harvest moon with you!