Calling Me (Single from Fathers and Sons)
I ain't getting any younger, the road gets longer everyday
Instead of leading me back home, it always turns the other way
Hopeful dreams and plans I made
at seventeen years old
didn't fit right in the suitcase, left them lying there dusty
on the side of the road, that calls me

Home, broke and battered from this long and lonely roam
when I hear an old song play I remember Daddy's RCA stereo
like years ago, and it's calling me

I wonder if she's still on Oak Street, maybe visit her someday
I'd like to say I'm sorry if her dreams also slipped away
Maybe she'd be lonely, and let me linger for a while
That's only wishful thinking
My thoughts of her are strong, and longer than the miles, that call me


If this road gets any longer, swear by God I'll go astray
This feeling's getting stronger, every time I hear an old song play
I'm coming

Home, torn and tattered...