Things Will Get Good
Do you ever get to a place where, you want to keep driving
You want to keep running, cause you’re so sick of trying
You’re so sick of trying

Do you ever feel the world just, passing you by
And you know you’ve gotta carry on, but you’d rather curl up and lie
Rather curl up and lie

I know you’ve been hurting, you think things are never gonna be the same
I can tell you darling, you gotta hold on, hold on
Things’ll get good again, things’ll get good again

Mama once told me, to imagine there’s a dark hole
You can walk around the edges, stare down to the darkness,
You can stare down the darkness

You can go around in circles for ages and ages
And it’s ok to tread the water for as long as it takes you

Just don’t fall down, we need you around here
Don’t fall down, because we need you
We need you around, we need you around

You gotta hold on, hold on
Things’ll get good again
Things’ll get good again