Sparrow Alone
No one knows if the sparrow sleeps on its housetop late at night
No one knows if the sparrow weeps when nothing’s going right
I watched it scorn the angry sky huddled against the weather
If I could only fly we could huddle there together
Huddle there together

Oh, the wind blew like a siren and the thunder was a firin’
There was red in the sky that night
But I could stand the blowing, and the waiting and the knowing
I’d be flying on a lonely flight
Let the vultures all assemble, they will never see me tremble
Like the sparrow, I’ll be stone
Like the sparrow, I’ll get by, like the sparrow, I will fly
Like the sparrow, alone
Sparrow alone

Don’t fly into the storm, they said, but my course was firmly set
Silently I stared ahead a lonely statuette
I’d seen things no one should see, I’d faced the great unknown
Like the sparrow I’d fly free and face the storm alone—storm alone