What About Today?
Was this my final trouble
Has it come and gone?
The Lord answered softly,
“There’s another coming on”

Will it come tomorrow?
Can’t I hide away?
He said, “You could stand and face it
It could come today”

I said, Tomorrow - The Lord said, “Today”
He said, “You can do better, you can kneel right now and pray”
I said, Tomorrow - He said, “Tomorrow’s far away”
I said, How about tomorrow, Lord? - He said, “What about today?”

My neighbor needs my help again
But right now I can’t delay
Maybe later on this week
Does it have to be today?

God said, “Later is a travesty
You could wait your life away
Tomorrow may not happen
But what about today?”


Will this be my last chance
To try, or is it gone?
The Lord answered softly,
“There’s another coming on

Though lions roar and people war,
You can’t keep life at bay
You can’t trust luck or destiny
But I am here today”