Steeltown Trilogy

1. Dark In Steeltown

It’s dark in Steeltown, I think I might crack
The street’s too quiet, gotta watch my back
These strangers attack , if you make a mistake
And it’s so hard to catch a break
When darkness hits town, you just don’t hang around
Hear decay makes its lonely sound ?

It’s dark in Steeltown, I cant find The Way
Don’t even know if it’s night or day
I heard a moaning like hers, but she just wasn’t there
Cant remember--- should I care?
My flesh is on fire, burning like leaves
and the air is too hot to breathe


2. Out The Window

Living is hard in Steeltown
and there’s one thing for sure I do know
When poverty comes to your door
love flies out the window

She’ll be gone from your life in a heartbeat
You cannot win with the cards you’ve drawn
Like the searing flames in the steel sky
Love flickers, then it’s gone

Gone, gone, gone out the window


Gone, gone, gone out the window

But the pain dont leave so quickly
You’ll just ache through the night and the new dawn
There’s no comfort in your possessions
for all you wanted is gone

Gone, gone, gone out the window

Gone, gone, gone out the window


3. I Remember

I remember walking down Barton St.
I was only 12 years old
with short pants, sleeves , Ottawa St.
oblivious to the cold

I remember the roof of that building
The one they call Centre Mall
And the glass I’d throw on the floor below
just to watch it smash and fall

I remember returning to Grandma’s
for that ritual every December
Back for Easter, Thanksgiving too
at least that’s what I remember

But grandma’s house is gone now
reduced to a church parking lot
and Centre Mall yes, has been torn down too
for a bigger mall in the same damn spot

But no one tells you that
no one, no one
no one tells you that


Dark in Steeltown(Reprise)

It’s dark in Steeltown, I’m starting to rot
Feel like burning everything I got
And heading to Spain, where Caminos can heal
and the waters aren’t victims of steel
Where dark winds can’t blow, black crap on my clothes
And a lover might await this rose

It’s dark in Steeltown, I’m just broken and torn
My body’s aching and my soul is worn
It’s dark in Steeltown, but I’ll harbour no scorn
She’s just an old friend -- the place I was born