01 Matt Ellis - Isolationist Blues
"Isolationist Blues"
Matt Ellis

I've been wasting all my time on frustration
I’ve been watching the divide of a nation

I’ve been waiting all this time on correction
You’ve been waiting on the blind for direction

So gimme something, keep my mind off reflection
Gimme something, gonna find our protection
From you, and these isolationist blues

Ain’t it something we should talk about
Ain’t it something how they lie, to you and I

I've been lookin' for a line of redemption
Another cover-up, no crime or intention
It’s true, ya got those isolationist blues

So keep an eye on who’s walking’ out
Keep an eye on rank & file, ain’t that your style

Hey you, so what you gonna do with the truth?

Isolated, overrated, automated dream
This Patriotic vitriol has got you on your knees
It‘s a world of speculation full of simulated scenes
So jump on in and start em’ up, start up the machines
start up the machines