Another L.A. Christmas
“Another L.A. Christmas” was written at a kitchen table in Philadelphia, after a friend’s Fall wedding. Ellis and his wife were discussing their holiday plans with the wedding party when it struck him that they would be spending theirs alone in Los Angeles, once again.

Matt adds: “L.A. is a strange place around late December. The normally packed freeways revert to the trickle of cars from the 1970’s and suburban homes lay dark at night, aside from the automated, bucking Cupids, Donners, and Blitzens. There’s peace at this time, a lot of space and even more time to think. It’s not a bad thing to experience once or twice but as my wife and I were approaching our fifth consecutive L.A. Christmas away from home, the reality set in.”

Originally released as an acoustic demo on Soundcloud in 2011, the single received a positive response from blogs and heavy plays from Matt’s audience, especially those away from home during the Holidays. Matt jumped at the opportunity to record a full band version in late 2015, a session which spawned two singles, the second being a duet with Paul Chesne.

Drums and Bass were tracked at Ellis’ long time drummer, Fernando Sanchez’s home studio. Guitars, Pedal Steel and Vocals were recorded at a friend’s guest house in Venice, CA and mixed and mastered at Second Story Studio in Boyle Heights, CA. “Another L.A. Christmas” was produced by Matt Ellis and Nick Luca and is now available online everywhere.

This is a song for the tens of thousands of people who seek out a better life in Los Angeles and sacrifice more than a home cooked meal and time with the family to do so. Matt Elis has a way to go before he reaches the goals he left Australia for 10 years ago, but all is not lost. He finally got back home for Christmas, just last year.