They Dont Make em Like They Used To
“They Don’t Make ‘em Like They Used To” is a slice of classic Americana. Lush pedal steel and electric guitar licks carry the listener over a contentious lyric as the pair call out the fading legacy of Music’s untouchable elite. The infectious melody is a sugar coating to a deeper truth both Ellis and Chesne stand by.

Matt began writing the track back in 2015, during sessions for his new album. “I knew it stood out from the other tracks I was writing, but it didn’t feel like a Matt Ellis solo track to me. And the last thing I wanted it to be was some old cranky rocker bitching about young pop stars. It needed a wink and not to be taken too seriously.”
Enter Paul Chesne.

Chesne and Ellis have been friends since Ellis re-located from Australia eleven years ago. Both are based in Venice, they’re often seen performing on the same bill, and in recent years, share lead guitarist, Josh Norton.

The pair got together over a couple of drinks and added the remainder of lyrics to the arrangement in late 2015. With Chesne fleshing out the verses and the outro, the track strikes the perfect balance of cynicism, and authentic despair over the state of current music industry.

The single was tracked with Matt’s band; Acoustics and Vocals; Matt Ellis, Lead Guitar and Vocals; Josh Norton, Pedal Steel; Tim Walker, Bass; Grant Fitzpatrick and Drums and Percussion; Fernando Sanchez. The rhythm section was tracked live by Fernando Sanchez with Nick Luca engineering vocal and overdub sessions. The acoustic guitars were tracked by Alex Kemp at Wolf At The Door, Venice. Nathan Sabatino (Dr. Dog, The Flaming Lips, Giant Sand) mixed the track and J.J. Golden took care of mastering once again.

The single is out now digitally and available everywhere online.