The Calling
Songwriter, Publishing & PRO
Words and Music written by Marty Falle
Country Cool Music Nashville and ASCAP

“The Calling” is specifically about Philippians 3:14, which inspires the faithful to press on towards finding the fulfillment that comes with worshiping the Lord. It’s the core of my spiritual beliefs and what I am trying to achieve,” Falle says.”

The Calling (words and music Marty Falle)

There’s a light up in the sky
I must have prayed to you a thousand times
Please help me see, please help me find
The calling

I have run long in this race
I cannot stop now, must keep the pace
Both for the purpose and the grace
To find you

I get lost I feel weary, it seems I can’t go on…
I am broken…mortal…afflicted w/ these flaws
I have sinned, I apostatize, I’ve sold out along the way
God Give me the will to carry on, carry on…

Forget the things that are behind
the perfect sight known to the blind
With faultless heart and true piece of mind
The calling

Done in his name and faith in him
This blinding light will not go dim
To fallen angels and their chagrin
I’ll find you

The broken road will take it’s toll
But His Divine love makes me whole
Intrepid to find what I don’t know
As I find you

I won’t mind these earthly things
Death and hell is what they’ll bring
And let my faith soar as I sing to
The calling

My brother, I will not judge him now
Our time on earth will not allow
Let’s meet now in Christ, as we avow
The calling

I have no tears or need for sorrow
As I look forward to a thousand tomorrows
Never doubt, always follow
The Calling

I press on… fast as I can…though I may not ever reach the end
I press on …strong as I can ...I press on…Lord, I press on!