Chimney Letters (feat. Dale Ann Bradley)
Songwriter, Publishing & PRO
Words and Music by Marty Falle
Country Cool Music Nashville

Chimney Letters (words and music by Marty Falle)

When I was a child on our Tobacco farm
I’d sit with my Mama and rest in her lovin’ arms
And I’d start thinkin’ about a Christmas Day. Oh Lord
So I grabbed me a pencil, started scribblin’ away…

I said Dear Santa… We are so poor
And Mama can’t take much More…No No
But if you can and if you don’t mind Dear Claus
Bring my Daddy back home for one Christmas night

Chimney Letters… Burn them away…

My Daddy left town the year I was born
Left us a tractor and an old beat up barn
And I keep a thinkin what I’d done wrong…so wrong
Every boy needs a Dad. Why you gone so long?…

Chimney Letters
Burn them away…
The fairies in the chimney will take it away
To the North Pole where Santa waits
Chimney Letters… Burn them away…

Dear Santa gonna fold my letter tight
Toss it in the fire with all of my might
Watch it go up in smoke into the cold starry night
And if you can…..and you don’t mind… Bring my dad home for one Xmas night
Chimney Letters… Burn them away…