She's Stolen my Mind
(Verse 1)
My suitcase won't stay here to long, by morning we'll be packed up and gone, another week another show another mile in another road, Carolina feels so far away

(Verse 2)
there's a girl in those hills that I'm missing, her blue eyes melt my heart, in my memory she's there my little girl with golden hair, I wanna see her but I'm in Tennessee tonight

Tonight she's stolen my mind again, she runs through my memory on a road with no end, I feel just as lonesome as tonight's cold wind, tonight she's stolen my mind again

(Verse 3)
Roll into town some time after midnight, the cool mountain air feels like home, but I'm missing you still and Virginia just feel's so far away from my Carolina girl

There are miles between us, I miss your atmosphere, as I lay in this lonesome hotel, I wish those miles would disappear