Life To My Days
I wish we all could live at least until we’re ninety
Without any aches or pains or a cloudy mind
I wish everyone could taste the kind of love they dream of finding
And get to see their ship come sailing in at least one time
I’ve been here long enough to know that ain’t the way it always

So if I’m one of those travelers whose journey gets cut short
And leave the ones I leave behind, wishing I had more time
All I can say is I can’t add more days to my life
So I’ll add more life to my days

So today when I get home from work I ain’t jumping on that
Gonna grab my boy and his Zebco, that old yard can wait
And later tonight I’ll kiss his mama and I’ll show her
That she still gives me the butterflies just like on our first date
Those moments don’t last long, we blink and then they’re gone

Gonna head down to Sanibel, spend a week or two this summer
Keep the TV off and wrestle with the kids
Call mama up just to hear her voice and say I love her
Someday I’ll never get that chance again