Stuart Leiderman - Bulldozer Cowboy, Gas Pains,...
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  • Bulldozer Cowboy
  • General Election Blues
  • Gas Pains Blues
  • Bulldozer Cowboy
    Genre: Acoustic Country
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  • General Election Blues
    Genre: Blues
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  • Gas Pains Blues
    Genre: Blues
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copyright Stuart M. Leiderman

I woke up this morning, it was November 2
My gal said, "Darlin', what's the matter with you?
It's Election Day, we got voting to do;
If you want to see some changes, better put on your voting shoes."

I got those old General Election blues,
Sitting on my back porch, waiting for the evening news.
Lord, I'm feeling like I can’t belong,
'Til I find out if I voted right or wrong.
'Got those old General Election blues.

Well, we went out the door, headed for the polls,
My stomach was a'growling and my pocket's full of holes;
Well, they keep telling me, "This land's got plenty to spare."
But I ain't seen nothing since my President's been up there.

'Got those old General Election blues, etc.

There were people milling 'round, showing me all sorts of signs;
They were greasing my palm, and handing me lines saying,
"Vote for me! I'm Red, White and Blue," and
"My mother likes me, and the Army Corps does, too!"

'Got those old General Election blues, etc.

So I picked up my ballot, made up my mind,
I went into that booth, but what did I find?
There were pictures of eagles...and elephants, too.
There were even some donkeys, and I thought I was down at the zoo.

'Got those old General Election blues, etc.

Well, I voted some left, and I voted some right;
And I crossed off all the crooks and I've stayed up all night,
'Cause one chance is all I've got...what else can I do?
But just for good measure, I voted MYSELF in, too!

'Got those old General Election blues, etc.

- - - - - - -

copyright Stuart Leiderman

There's a controversy ragin', from the upper crust on down,
Shall we let the Trojan A-bombs in? Shall we targetize the town?
Shall we trust our lives on threats of war, on overkill and doom?
Or throw the think-tank soldiers out and quickly lower their boom?

Well, you can let them pick your pantry bare and tax away your wealth;
You can let them militarize the moon and pawn your children's health;
You can automate your every need and ring your town with missiles,
And try to live on Sugar-Pops, light beer and Russian thistles.
(But they'll never know you disagree...who wants their Arma-gutter?
No! 'Better make 'em count your vote for "Less guns and more butter!")

Now, the generals have it all planned out--they'll hide beneath the rocks.
And while the sky is burning up, they'll tend synthetic flocks
Of geese, and sheep and who-knows-what to satisfy their palates,
And sleep at night on mattresses of disappearing ballots.
Well, you can let them pick your pantry bare, etc.

The factories have it all planned out--they'll build the bombs or close;
And they'll ultimatum you to death and lead you by the nose,
And pick your brains to give their contracts more bang for the buck;
And once a year they'll send around a gift-wrapped flying f(ish)...
Well, you can let them pick your pantry bare, etc.

The unions have it all planned out--they've offered you a pension,
And they've took the rest to live up there in zero-G suspension.
Until the surface cools off the billion dead at best;
Then they'll land their ship and march right out to organize the rest.
Well, you can let them pick your pantry bare, etc.

The bankers have it all planned out--read the print above your scrawl.
There's a penalty for "acts of God" or premature withdrawal.
But left intact, your balance grows and the chance is multiplied
That your NOW account buys guns and warheads for the other side.
Well, you can let them pick your pantry bare, etc.

The diplomats have it all planned out--they'll hold another meeting.
But they'll water down their politics so no one takes a beating.
And they'll never recognize the risks of going with the flow,
'Cause they're more concerned to be the first to say, "I told you so."
Well, you can let them pick your pantry bare and tax away your wealth; etc.

- - - - - - -
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    Stuart Leiderman
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    A CD
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    Max Leiderman, Robert Benchley, Groucho Marx, Carl Sandburg, Tom Lehrer, Barry Commoner, Utah Phillips, Scott Nearing, Pete Seeger
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