Ran across the county line and into the black
Into the great nowhere and I never looked back
The radio’s playin’ a song from ‘83
And I wish I could get over you like you got over me
I ran out west across the great divide
I hit the PCH and I let it ride
But the guardrails were hummin’ the same old song
And I wished I could chase you down but you were too far gone
I didn’t see the road signs
Now I need some cheap wine
To help me break the fall
But it seems I’ve got more pain than alcohol
I came back East across the golden plains
I can’t count the years and miles but I still feel the pain
I’m trying to remember a song from ‘93
Why can’t I get over you like you got over me?
By the time I get to Texas I lose my mind
Cuz your flippin’ cards in Vegas and doin’ fine
I guess there’s nothing left to do…
I should let it ride