Drowning in Drought
The oak trees are dying, the cedar’s all brown
Can’t find a woman in this no horse town
Will there be a tomorrow for those surviving here now drowning
in drought?
Fire rained down from the sky and singed through the scarred
Years of our fathers they told us were so very hard
Now I sit here on the dry bank of a river crying out loud drowning
in drought
I walk up the hillside to our family home
There’s nothing left standing there but the chimney all alone
We stare at each other for hours, my knees on the ground.
Drowning in drought
If the rain came down for forty nights and forty days
Would the angels doubt that we would change our ways?
Or would we pull on the bottle and watch it all wash away?
Well I ain’t got a family and I ain’t got a buck
So I climb into the cab of my old pickup truck
I’m pretty sure the highway’s still free and can find a rain cloud
Drowning in drought