I met Mercy way back when in high school
Always said she knew I was the one
Then she went off and got married to some damn fool
Now she spends her nights pouring Miller Lites at a honkytonk just east of Omaha
Well I rambled around up and down the east coast
Just knowing it would lead me to the one
Then the morning light revealed the night searching for her ghost
Then racing time to escape my mind I drove day and night until I found a place like home
You spend half of your life chasing what feels right
Hoping that your future is bright
When it all ends you start thinking about old friends
And hope you’re not the only one alone tonight
Well I learned how to play this ol’ guitar
And I learned how to write a few country songs
I can’t believe I had to go and travel this far
To spend my nights drinking Miller Lites in a honkytonk just east
of Omaha