Working all the angles knowing that life still dangles by a thread
That’s connected to a light that burns dim red
Your mind’s a motion picture you believe it’s just a fiction of your head
Another product of the fast life you’ve led
So you truck on through to the next town always ready for one
more round
But what you’re really up for is what’s going down standing at the end of the bar
So you get all the pleasantries out of the way
You both know something you just gotta say to get what you want at the end of the day, you stumble outside to her car
Hey, hey there mister “I don’t care” are you too afraid to see that you’re going nowhere?
Though you’re spinning your wheels with all your intensity
It shouldn’t be hard to be fancy-free but your being held back by
your iniquity
And you can’t see past Consuela in a short satin dress
You’re being held back by the next bittersweet caress
Dawn unveils the dangers of buying drinks for strangers
It’s all just smoke and mirrors. Son, when will you see through?
Oh but nightfall lulls your conscience as the bourbon courts the darkness
And through the smoke you can’t see loneliness though it’s staring right back at you