Nine years in an ice chest buried in the ground
Thinking it might lead me to the clouds
I’m the son of a father whose the son of a ****
Who only loved me when I helped him drive our lives into a ditch
I was blessed with the genes of Henry
But cursed with the life of Hardy
Never rising to the fame that either one of them should bring
But I honored my father while he danced with the devil
Kicked up his boot heels and sang
Jeremiah don’t go home
The ones you call your family have left you all alone
You are my seed and I made you to roam
Jeremiah don’t go home
He was like the Pied Piper I was caught beneath his spell
Although I clearly knew that he was leading me to hell
We were locked up for possession he spent 30 days in jail
But I woke up in the mountains cause Jesus paid bail
And he sang
He’ll go down hard because they found it all
But my phone keeps ringing he’s wanting me to take the fall
And he says
Don’t take the throne
Don’t take the throne