I dug a well in the pit of my heart and I named it after you
Every time I drank deep the taste was clear and true
But this life on the road and the burning in my soul
Made the well run dry and I’m asking why this heartache is all I know
I drove on past the very last house we used to own
The amber grain out in the field was waving to our song
And all I could see was eternity and each day lasts so long
It’s a crying shame and I’m to blame. I let the devil take our home.
We used to dance all night in the headlights of cars
Under the Milky Way but now the stars seem so far away
Like the touch of your hand and the goodness of my soul
Another day another sin and nowhere left to go
But there’s no peace in the valley and no peace left in me
I’m running from the law and a faded love. Will the pistol set me free?
We could say goodbye but there’s no letting go
Every time I tried left me standing in the snow
Well you have said goodbye but I can’t let you go
I tried a hundred times still I’m shivering in the cold