Fading Away
The radio’s selling tales of our unrest
And washing machines and rolling storms out west
With the state of our economy it all seems so clear to me
If we don’t change something we’ll have nothing left to change
That ain’t why I wrote you this song
It seems I stayed in this town a little too long
And they need someone to burn and it just might be my turn
I better get outta here while the gettin’ still is good
I need your hand to carry me away
And dig my broken heart out of the grave
Come rescue me while there’s something left to save
I’m fading away
The sound and the fury is running through my brain
Like a long lost Baptist hymn with no refrain
Lost hope hangs like a flag in the wind and that ain’t no place to begin
It’s like runnin’ from the calm into the storm again
I don’t think I can fit in anymore
They’re lining golden calves from shore to shore
No one thinks about eternity and it all seems so clear to me
You can’t mend your conscience with Novocain