Island In The Kitchen
Island In The Kitchen FEATURED TRACK

A cute modern country Island sound. This song was written by one of the greats in song writing, Jerry Gillespie of "Heavens Just a Sin Away" fame and the incomparable Dan Willis. Visiting with Jeannie about this CD, she said when she started to do this project, she had one song she had written to start with. Jerry Gillespie was the first person she thought of. Although he had produced two Kendall projects, they had never recorded another of his songs. "I thought it was sure time to!" she said, "So I asked him." Jerry sent some of his songs, and this one, Jeannie loved the idea of. Jerry Gillespie and co-writer Dan Willis are old friends of The Kendalls. "I think, nowadays a lot of us have to settle for "The Island In The Kitchen."