Murder on Music Row
Verse 1
Nobody saw him running
from 16th avenue
They never found a fingerprint
or the weapon that was used
but someone killed country music
cut out its heart and soul
they got away with murder
down on music row

Verse 2
The almighty dollar
and the lust for worldwide fame
slowly killed tradition
and for that someone should hang
oh and they all say not guilty
but the evidence will show
that murder was committed
down on music row

For the steel guitars no longer cry
and fiddles barely play
but drums and rock and roll guitars
are mixed up in your face
'old Hank, wouldn't have a chance
on today's radio
since they committed murder
down on music row

Verse 3
They thought no one would miss it
once it was dead and gone
They said no one would buy them old
drinkin' and cheatin' songs
Well, there ain't no justice in it
and the hard facts are cold
murder's been committed
down on music row

Repeat chorus

tag: why they'd even tell the 'possum'
to pack up and go back home
there's been an awful murder
down on music row