Black Diamond Strings
Verse 1
My first guitar was a loaner
an old off-brand my cousin let me keep
Back when I was learnin' how to play
like the boys in Tennessee
I'd sit up every night and pick it
till my fingers turned green
and I learned how to make her talk
on them Black Diamond Strings

Verse 2:
Well my daddy showed me three chords
but Jimmy Steely taught me how to play
He showed me the G-run I'm still using today
I thought it surely must be magic
the way he made it ring
But he said it ain't no secret son
it's these Black Diamond Strings

Well I don't know if they still make 'em
back then they were the best
And a good time didn't cost much
two ninety-five a set
Back before I left Faye Allen
to chase my hillbilly dreams
All it took to make me happy
was an old guitar and Black Diamond Strings

Verse 3
Now I've been to the mountaintop
Had my share of troubles too
But if I could do it all again
Lord I know just what I'd do
'Cause if I could have just one wish
I'd take a trip back in a time machine
to the day I learned to play the wild wood flower
on Black Diamond Strings