I Know How It Feels
Verse 1
I've never been to heaven, not the one on high
but I have been to heaven just the same
Taken by an angel, off to paradise
in her arms she carried me away

Refrain 1
Well I may never see it
but I know that it's real
I've never been to heaven
but I know how it feels

Verse 2
And I've never been a gambler, but I lost it all
the moment that she turned and walked away
taking foolish chances, with my baby's love
a loser at my own two timing game

Refrain 2
I knew it was a long shot
still I spun the wheel
I've never been a gambler
but I know how it feels

Verse 3
I've never been a prisoner, behind them cold gray walls
but I am a prisoner just the same
Longing for my freedom, I hear the highway call
But I'm held here by her memory's ball and chain

Refrain 3
Well I may not be locked up
Behind concrete and steel
I've never been in prison
but I know how it feels