Sometimes a Man Takes a Drink
Verse 1
Last night he fell down but he got right back up
had one too many I guess
tomorrow he won't remember
tonight he just wants to forget
the pressure he's under the hell he's been in
the knife twisted up in his gut
when this is all over he's gonna get sober
right now he's just down on his luck

Sometimes a man takes a drink
so he can just throw his head back and laugh
at the things he can't change, like the bills he can't pay
and all of those ghosts from the past
it's the crutch he leans on, when things have gone wrong
life didn't turn out like he planned
Sometimes a man takes a drink
Oh but sometimes a drink takes the man

Verse 2
Not that long ago he could take it or leave it
now he wonders, when it all changed
when did he stop being happy go lucky
and become a prisoner in chains
trapped behind bars, no longer in charge
where did the good times all go?
He knows it's got him.. cause he's on the bottom
real close to out of control

repeat chorus