Shade Tree Mechanic
Verse 1
His house was nothing more
than a big junkyard
A retirement home for old lawnmowers
and blocked up rusty cars
He couldn't read or write a word
and he stuttered when he spoke
But he was Albert Einstein
when it came to nuts and bolts

Verse 2
Everybody called him 'greasy'
but his real name was Bert
At least that's what he said
on his blue sunoco shirt
He kept a Maytag full of Miller beer
in the shade of a cottonwood
Well he loved to pop a top
just like he loved to pop a hood

He was the world's greatest shade tree mechanic
He fixed outboards, cars and toasters
and worn out window fans
No job was too big on the planet
for the world's greatest shade tree mechanic

Verse 3
Old 'greasy' died one morning
while he was doing what he loved best
He didn't leave a will
but we all knew his last request
So we put his tool box in the trunk
and him behind the wheel
Then we sent him off to Heaven
in a good used Bonneville

repeat chorus