Uncle Bob Got Religion
Verse 1
I had an uncle, back in East Kentucky
He weighted three hundred pounds
and wore bib overalls
He said he got hurt on the job up in Ohio
and that's the reason he was on the draw

Verse 2
He had a lazy streak but he liked money
So when he ran short, he just made his own
Whiskey, women, fightin' chickens
cars faster than the dickens
he laughed and said he didn't have a soul

Verse 3
One evening, he met a traveling preacher
half drunk at a joint across the line
he said don't talk to me about the bible
I've got other things on my mind

Verse 4
But later that night on Abbot Mountain
with a married woman in his arms
I don't know what he saw in his headlights
but it caused him to have a change of heart

Uncle Bob, got religion
He found Jesus when he fell to pray
Uncle Bob, got religion
Down on his knees the old time way

Verse 5
You know later on he said that he was sorry
and repented for the awful things he'd done
He got up and gave his testimony
before the Holy Ghost, The Father and The Son

Verse 6
Then he said hurry take me to the river
I don't want to wait another day
I wanna be baptized, preacher dunk me twice
To make sure that my sins are washed away

Repeat Chorus (2)