Justice for Willy (hifi .wav)
Verse 1
Well the Reverend Baker looked out
On the little congregation
What few of us had gathered
To pay our last respects
He said we've come to say goodbye
To brother Willy Johnson
His race is run in this world
I don't know about the next

Verse 2
There on the front pew
Sat his little widder
Hiding who knows what
Behind a veil of black
None of us knew then
That she slipped him the poison
Tbat caused him to leave this world
With a heart attack

Chorus 1
Gone.... soon forgotten
She couldn't wait until they laid him down
She's already plottin'
And he ain't even cold in the ground

Verse 3
She had great big plans
For his insurance money
Botox and lipo
Would give her back her youth
Then she'd run off to Europe
With the boy who sacked her groceries
She never thought than anyone
Would ever know the truth

Verse 4
But before the service ended
The county sheriff showed up
Thanks to DNA he had the evidence
Now you can rest in peace
That's what he said to Willy
Then he slapped those silver bracelets
On the widow's wrists

Chorus 2
Gone.... but not forgotten
Justice always finds a way somehow
They sent her up the river
Before he was even cold in the ground