We walked together we was tall and straight,
we'd walk together, throught that Holy gate,
and if they only had a place for one, we'd turn the offer down and we would runaway.

You told me your secrets and I told you mine,
we'd be together, for a long long time,
but in that winter back in 69, we went our separate ways we seemed to fade away.

Whenever spring turns into summer, you know I'm gonna be with you.
And when the summer turns to fall, you know I'll be right there, yes I will.
And when the sun comes hiding down, way behind the mountain top.
If you need a hand to hold along the way, just think of me, and how we used to runaway.

I know a church where they still ring a bell,
where there's a man told me, I'd go straight to hell.
For ignoring what he had to say, and finding peace and gratitude in natures way.

Now those memories they become so clear,
it took a lifetime, just to bring us here,
and in the fading light of day, there's one more thing, just one thing that I have to say.