My Father’s Coat
My Father's Coat

I pulled my father's coat
Around my shoulders
An angry sky says a storm is settin' in
Well I sure don't blame Mother Nature
You gotta dance when she calls the tune

How we made it through
Another summer
Only God really knows for sure
But these suits get off on crunchin' numbers
No guarantees we'll be ranchin' next year

And it's a simple life and some people just don't understand
How a man can build something
And have the love to make it last
And carry on

Driving cattle through the Shiloh valley
'Cause a thousand head don't get there themselves
Storm is gatherin' but we got to press on now
He may be gone but he taught me well

And when I ride along the fence line I know I'm right where I should be
In the heart of God's own country
With my father's coat around me
I'll carry on

I pulled my father's coat
Around my shoulders

Words and Music by Kyle Warren