Agitate! (What Did Frederick Douglass Say?)
Agitate! ©2007 Kevin Slick Nu Vu Du Music BMI
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Frederick Douglass freedom fighter always spoke the truth
A young man came to his front door and said “Tell me what to do
“With my life to make a difference, turn the wrong to right
Come on Mr. Douglass, help me see the light”

Frederick Douglass freedom fighter did not hesitate

He answered that man with only two words “Agitate! Agitate!”

What did Frederick Douglass say? “Agitate! Agitate!”

He said:
Before you taste the sweetest fruit you’ve got to plow the ground
You can’t have the beauty of the ocean without the mighty sound
You know it’s just the same when you struggle to be free
Those in power never give it up willingly

Those in power may try to confuse you
Let me set you straight
Without struggle there is no freedom
You’ve to go agitate, agitate

What did Frederick Douglass say? “Agitate! Agitate!”

You gotta be ready to seize the day, there’s no time to wait
If you want to change the world
It’s time to agitate, agitate!
Shake the world, break the chains
Take control of your fate
Remember what Frederick Douglass said
“Agitate, agitate!”