Try Me Tomorrow

Try Me Tomorrow
Try me tomorrow, I’ll call when I can
I’ll be right where you need but right here’s where I am
Some days are like snowflakes that scatter and fall
If I had a brick for every time that I’ve slipped
I could build a Great Wall

We lose sense of time and lose track of the days
Get lost in our orbits somewhere out in space
The next thing you know the summer grass is tall
Then you’re up to you’re knees deep in the freeze
Bidding bye to the fall

I guess that I’m hoping somehow you hear this
It’s not quite a soft touch and it’s far from a kiss
We get so busy reaching for things we can’t reach
And then it slips through your hands like fine ocean sand
I once held on the beach

Hope you are happy and I hope you are well
Sometimes in the middle can be so hard to tell
No one can un-do anything that’s been done
It’s like closing the barn once the horses have gone
And run away for the sun

Keep one eye on the ocean and one on the shore
Keep asking for nothing and hoping for more
It’s never that easy to steer clear of the rocks
Keep an axe in the shed and a song in your head
And keep away from the clocks