Mr. Wolfe
Mr. Wolfe
Smoke was rising over head
The only air was beneath the bed
The rocking chair was rocking still
Just before it all went downhill
Don’t call the desk, they’ll just call the cops
We just need to make that fire stop
Say, who’s that scratching at the door?
There’s no worry anymore

Cool as ice, strong as steel
The wolf’s come to town
He makes dilemma disappear
Helps the deal go down

Thin as branches smooth as silk
He came scratching for some milk
When all five senses kicked and screamed
He turned into one sleek machine
Sprayed the fire, killed the smoke
Even took a rest to take a toke
He laughed and grinned and licked his chops
And danced high on the table top (chorus)

To the bright white moon hear him howl
While resting on his stolen hotel towel
In a parking lot of tar and stone
He rules from his throne
Sneaky smile and taste for skunk
He’ll take a slice, he’ll take a chunk
See those shifty eyes and pointed ears?
Problem solved, Mr. Wolfe’s here (chorus)

As the early sun ascends
He’s snuggled safely in his den
His belly’s full and mind on high
He’s thirsty now the blood ran dry
Another night in the history
Of a carnivore you never see
As the early morning breaks
Mr. Wolfe’s asleep and you’re awake