Let it Go
Let it Go
An empty palm
It was here and now it’s gone
I don’t have the polish baby
I think I lost my charm
Like a fortune man
Who charms the cobra still
Then turns your bright gold
Into a phony bill

Gone again
Gone this time for sure
Up the creek
And nowhere near the shore
The engine failed
The train flew off the rail
And there’s no water
Coming up from the well

Hey, no one really knows
Some keep the faith
Some let it go
Way, way out on the blue
Let a little light shine through

An empty day
Staring back at me
Yet in my mind runs
A wild menagerie
One more night
Let me fantasize
But what’s the use
I’m half asleep
Before I shut my eyes (Chorus)

And Juliet
Had one evening
No one will forget
Hang ‘em high
Or hit them low
Either way, make ‘em pay
Then get on with the show (Chorus)

A care free wind
Blowing through the sky of dawn
I don’t know just what it is
That keeps you hangin’ on
A sun lit sea
Reflecting back on me
It gets so bright
I squint my eyes
Now I can hardly see (Chorus)