Along the Way (Featured Track)
Along the Way

Along the way We may stumble along the way
While out reaching for today
Along the way, along the way
There’s always something lost along the way

Hey we may fade but may we never lose our way
As long as we keep saying “hey, it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay)
Then nothing really matters anyway

And every time we shut the evening light
And every time I hear the geese in flight
Every time blue skies turn gray
Something gets lost along the way

Something here, we just may have something here
By now it’s crystal clear
You and me, Hey we…
We just may have something here

Lately I’ve lost the way
Can’t let go of yesterday
There’s something about a photograph
There’s something about the way you laugh
Lately I don’t feel a thing
Got a bell can’t make it ring
Got a bird but she won’t sing
Want it all but I’ll take half

Pass it on, there’s just no need to carry on
Nothing should lead you on
Lead you on, lead you on…
By then you should be gone

Where does time go? Finer minds will never know
It’s like a sudden gale that comes to blow
And takes you places you don’t know
And away the time will go
And away we go